WhatsHalal FAQ: What You Need to Know

February 26, 2018 | 7 Minute Read

WhatsHalal FAQ: What You Need to Know

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

So it’s been more than two weeks since we launched, and we’re starting to gain some attention. And with all with your support, the number of orders are also growing! Thank you for your kind patronage, everyone!

But of course with any new service in the market comes questions that are asked more than often. So we decided to compile them into a compilation of WhatsHalal FAQ to help you out.

Overview of WhatsHalal

What is WhatsHalal? Launched in February 2018, WhatsHalal is a Singapore-based service provider with a mission to create an all-Halal food and beverage ecosystem. The service we provide revolves around a specialized app designed to help you with one thing: Consume delicious and Halal food.

WhatsHalal also helps merchants touch base and build relationships with customers by providing the merchant an avenue to market themselves to a wider audience who may not have known about delicious offerings before.

Is WhatsHalal an all-Halal version of other food delivery services? For now, our operations revolve around providing the Muslim community in Singapore a fully Halal food delivery solution. We have a list of merchants already joining us in our effort to consolidate and reach out to the population in this regard. All merchants in our list are Halal certified and/or Muslim owned. There is no longer any doubt in the food or suspicion on contamination from non-Halal food sources.

It is inevitable to be compared to other food delivery services available in Singapore. We can’t really say that we are looking to compete against other well established food delivery companies, however. We’re just here to fill up a space.

There are plenty of plans that may take us further and differently from where we stand right now. We encourage you to follow us on our social media platforms or our subscription newsletter for future updates!

Can I download the app already? Yes, you can! Android users would be able to download the app here, while iPhone users can download the app here. Look for the green app icon as seen on the right.

You might see some other apps bearing similar icons and having the words WhatsHalal as well. Take note that those apps are probably designed specifically for our merchants and riders. You’ll need to download just the main WhatsHalal app. We’re working on creating separate icons for them soon!

Using the WhatsHalal App

"WhatsHalal App"

So how does WhatsHalal app work? The app lets you connect with multiple food merchants and restaurants from all around the island. You’re free to place order with any and all of the merchants listed in our app:

  1. Browse through the merchant and their menu
  2. Select the food you want by tapping on the menu item
  3. Register and login to your account
  4. Fill up all the necessary details
  5. Add your payment details (for now we accept only debit card payments)
  6. Confirm your order
  7. We’ll have your order delivered within the hour wherever you are. You can see updates about your order from the app itself.

“All around the island”? You mean you deliver it anywhere in Singapore? Yes, that’s right! WhatsHalal is one of the few food delivery services that offers island-wide delivery*, so you can now order your favourite menu from your favourite eatery from anywhere. We’ll even deliver to offshore islands like Sentosa!

So if you happen to be at Jurong West, and you’re craving for a certain burger meal from Pasir Ris, WhatsHalal can help relieve that craving for you. Just order via our app!

* Access to certain restricted places, like military and government estalishments, key installations, and high security points would limited for our riders. Please contact us to check if your location falls within the restricted places. We can offer an alternative pickup point for you to enjoy your food.

How much is the delivery charges? Delivery fees are charged according to distance traveled, much like how apps like Grab and Uber charges their fees. Hence, the closer the establishment is to where you are, the lower the delivery charges.

Also, there’s no peak surcharges and toll charges so you will get consistent delivery charges throughout!

My delivery charges are pricey! Delivery fees are charged according to distance traveled, much like how apps like Grab and Uber charges their fees. It is possible that the merchant you selected is quite a distance away from where you are, hence the higher than average prices.

As we introduce more merchants to our app, you would be able to select merchants who are nearer to you, hence your delivery charges will also be lower!

I am having trouble with my app! As of now, our app works best on newer phone models. We’re looking to improve our app to accomodate nearly all phones. However, do let us know the issue you are facing by contacting us. You can also drop us a message via our live chat. (You’ll need to login into Facebook)

The app is not that user friendly! We are constantly improving our app to let you have the best experience possible. Let us know your feedback by contacting us. You can also chat with us by clicking on the green button you see to the right of your screen (You will need to login to Facebook to use it.).

WhatsHalal Merchants


Who are your participating merchants? The list of participating merchants can be seen on our App. Alternatively, you can take a look at the full list here.

How are your merchants selected? The criteria for our merchants is pretty simple. They must either fulfill one of two criterias:

  1. Halal Certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore
  2. Muslim-owned establishment that serves food made from Halal ingredients

Further explanation of these criteria will be explained fully in due time.

There’s not much merchants to select. We are updating our app with more merchants weekly so you will be spoiled for choices! You can get a glimpse of merchants currently featured directly on the app, or have a look at the list here. You can also keep yourself update by following our social media platforms, or by subscribing to our newsletter.

Alternatively, you may also recommend us a merchant to add!

I am merchant. How can I apply to be part of WhatsHalal? Thank you for your interest! Please help us by filling the form here. We’ll be in touch with you pretty soon.

Employment with WhatsHalal

"WhatsHalal App"

Who are the people who makes up WhatsHalal? WhatsHalal is a 100% Muslim owned Singapore-based company. It is made up of Muslim majority team of talents from various skills and background in food and beverage, tech, creative and marketing, as well as logistical delivery industry. Hence, we are a pool of talented individuals that bring together something really special to the WhatsHalal table.

The key aspect of WhatsHalal, however, are the people representing the very frontline of our company: the WhatsHalal Riders. These are the people who will be greeting you with the delicious food right at your doorstep. They are our valuable facilitators and ambassadors. Spot them in the distinctive strong green uniform the next time you have a chance to look!

I would like to become a Rider with WhatsHalal. We welcome your application to be a rider with us! Our rider positions require the following details:

  1. Singapore citizens
  2. PR on long term stay
  3. Posses a valid motorcycle license
  4. Possess you own vehicle

For interested parties, you may fill up the application form here.

I would like to join and contribute to WhatsHalal. Please email your CV to hello@whatshalal.com. We’ll contact you if you’re shortlisted.

About WhatsHalal

"WhatsHolol Logo"

WhatsHalal started at the time there is an increasing awareness and need amongst the muslim community for clarity on the “halal-ness” of food. WhatsHalal’s objective is to be the definitive guide and provider of unquestionably Halal Thoyiban food to the Muslim community. The mission of WhatsHalal is to create a Halal ecosystem of food, from supplier to merchant to consumers. We seek to reduce, even eliminate, doubt of the Halal-ness of the food you consume, in a fast changing times where information may not be substantially available or easily sourced.

We are providers to the path of believe, in service to The Believed and for the benefit of the believers.

May Allah raise us all.