Satayboy – Wherever Satay May Roam

March 23, 2018 | 3 Minute Read

Satayboy – Wherever Satay May Roam


If there’s one word to describe Satayboy’s way of establishing themselves as a talked about food highlight in Singapore, it would be “nomadic”. Luqman, the founder of Satayboy, started the business as a live barbecue station. Their satay are marinated with the freshest ingredients meat and grilled to perfection.

The Beginnings

The seeds of Satayboy’s beginning can be found in the family. Luqman’s father is Haji Misri, the owner of the famous Rex Satay of Rasa Sentosa, so the know-hows of what makes a good satay is available for Luqman to leverage on. Coupled by his grandfather’s secret satay recipe, Luqman took it to himself to bring satay to the people. His circle of customer grew and eventually Satayboy went on to become a satay catering service supplier. Eventually, his customers started asking for a wider variety of food. Since mee rebus is especially in demand, Luqman decided to open up a stall in Bedok. The stall has since to moved to its current location at Sengkang Square.

The Satay Nomad

"Satay Nomad"

Despite the presence of a brick and mortar, Satayboy kept to their original live station concept. They often turn up at pop-up events at schools, bazaars and food events by selling satay in cups. One of the observations that Satayboy had was the younger generations who are in the early years of school have no idea what a satay looks like, so Satayboy became an attraction to this generation, gaining curious young buyers who are drawn to the all-meat-on-a-stick concept.

In addition to that, Satayboy’s online presence themselves established themselves as social media maestro, with more than 6000 followers on Instagram and more than 3000 followers on Facebook.

Food Highlight

"Satayboy Food Highlight"

If you are fan of Rex Satay, you’ll be be pleased to know that Satayboy have kept their standards up to par: well-marinated pieces of meat barbecued over an open flame and cooked in perfect timing.

We couldn’t really write much about what goes into the satay (it IS a secret recipe after all), but we do note that Satayboy’s Satay-in-a-Cup completely makes sense. Also, as of the time of this writing, Satayboy’s satays are only available for outdoor events, catering and through WhatsHalal app.

"Satayboy Full Meal"

Satayboy’s All-Out Mee Rebus is a food lover’s dream and a dietician’s nightmare. The dish is made up of hard boiled egg, fried chicken skin, beef lungs, chicken gizzards, shredded chicken meat and two sticks of satay (with peanut sauce) mounted over a substantial plate of mee rebus, that is created to fuel the guts of a football players or anyone who require a high energy level food. Squeeze lime over it, and you get some vitamin C in so you won’t have to feel so guilty about eating.

Due to their current location, a substantial bulk of Satayboy’s customers comprises of Sengkang and Punggol residence. With WhatsHalal app though, customers from the other parts of the island will be able to add Satayboy to their choice of meal by leveraging on our island-wide service.

Satayboy is now live on WhatsHalal, available on both Android and iOS. Enjoy convenient, 100% halal islandwide delivery when you purchase via the WhatsHalal app now.

About WhatsHalal

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