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How To Get Halal Certification in Singapore : A Step By Step Guide

#1 The Exact Steps To Halal Certification

All Halal applications have to be made via LicenceOne.

As a guideline, there are 3 types of requirements in the Halal application process:

  • Halal Requirements – All raw materials used must be Halal with supporting documents.
  • Staffing Requirements – There must be a minimum of 2 or 3 Muslim staff employed in each premises applied for Halal certification.
  • System Requirements – The applicant must comply with the 10 principles of the Singapore Muis Halal Quality Management System.

#2 Pick the correct category for Halal Certification

There are many types of Halal Certification, so you must decide on the right certification scheme that you need for your brand.

  1. Eating Establishment (EE) Scheme
  2. Endorsement Establishment (EN) Scheme
  3. Food Preparation Area (FPA) Scheme
  4. Poultry Abattoir (PA) Scheme
  5. Product (PO) Scheme
  6. Storage Facility (SF) Scheme
  7. Whole plant (WP) Scheme

Each scheme has its own requirements. The most common schemes are probably the  Eating Establishment (EE) Scheme and Product (PO) Scheme.

  • Eating Establishments (EE) include: restaurants, canteens, stalls, bakery, flea markets, trade fairs and so on.
  • Product Schemes (PO) include: most processed and manufactured food that is distributed around the country.

IMPORTANT: Be careful to choose the right category. If you pick the wrong scheme, you could fail the certification and waste your money for the application.

After you decide which halal certification scheme is suitable for your products and brands, you can download the relevant halal certification documents here.


#3 How much is the certification?

The list of fees can be found on the website here. The application fee is mandatory for new applications in all schemes and is non-refundable.

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#4 Registration:

All applications are submitted via LicenceOne. Log-in using your CorpPass (applicable to all other schemes) or SingPass (applicable for Hawker and School Canteen schemes).

NOTE: You will need the following information before you login to LicenceOne.

1. NEA / AVA license

2. Floorplan of premises to be certified

3. List of all Ingredients

4. List of all Menu items

5. Pictures of delivery vehicles (For Catering / Product / Whole Plant schemes)

6. Pictures of product labels (For Product / Whole Plant schemes)

Once you have the documents ready, let’s begin the online application. Part 2